Always Needed; Thank You To Essential Workers


2020 and 2021 are some of the worst years in American history. More people have lost their lives to covid-19 than in any attack, or natural disaster we have seen in our borders. Some days during the last year and a half, more people lost their lives on a daily basis than were lost on the horrendous attacks of Nine Eleven. This has had a devastating effect on the mental wellbeing of many people on the frontline, both those in emergency services, as well as those in the medical profession. We want to take this moment to remember the lives lost, but also to thank the essential workers that have worked themselves to the bone and beyond in order to help us and protect us. Doctors and nurses have risked their lives on a daily basis, working among and next to the sick to make sure that we are as healthy and able to survive as possible. Emergency workers like EMTs have continued to go out and bring those people in need back to the hospitals, even as it risks their bodies.

Not just their physical wellbeing was at stake this year though. While you may or may not have seen the videos and messages sent out, doctors and nurses around the country, as well as around the rest of the world have seen horrible things, have had to work in horrible conditions, and have been put under stressors that would break many people. Medical professionals, many who have been working for years with cancer patients, victims of crashes and disasters, and other horrible conditions have had to tell families that they can’t say goodbye to their loved ones because of the risk of Covid-19. We want to show that we have not forgotten the effort and grit, the determination that these brave people have put forth in order to help and save us. A simple thank you note like this cannot convey the measure of gratitude that all the doctors and nurses across the country deserve, and we hope to see you all happy and back to a more normal routine as soon as possible.

I would also like to take a moment to thank those who have worked in other areas of our lives, ones we don’t often have to think of when we are concerned with the effects of Covid-19. Those who work in the fields of grocery, delivery, restaurants, and other areas. Even at personal risk to themselves and with a lot of difficult expectations, these people, ordinary and untrained for many of the hardships that they would have to deal with, went on to help and serve us without complaint. They are called essential workers because the jobs they have and the duties that they perform are important, because even though they are rarely thanked for their service they continued when it was dangerous to do so. So many people stepped up and did something difficult. They worked around people who had the virus directly, like the brave doctors and nurses, or they put themselves at risk in order to make sure that as little of our lives changed as possible, like those who worked at restaurants and grocery stores. If there were only enough words to show our gratitude, we should all be happy to do it, but all I can say now is that I wish you the best and hope that the future is brighter for you than the past year was.

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