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The Delta Covid Variant

As the vaccine rolls out and more people feel comfortable enough to return to many of the new normal that we are still feeling out, there are some dark clouds on the...

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The N95 Respiratory Mask and its Importance

There are several varieties of masks, respirators, and face coverings that we are learning more and more about as this pandemic continues. Several have been shown to only be a tiny bit...

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Why do We Need PPE as Soon as Possible

Every day more and more people go without the essential equipment that will keep them safe in this vulnerable time. People leave home wearing bandanas, t-shirts, and cloth wraps over their mouth...

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Where PPE is Needed Most

Personal Protective Equipment is vital for everyone to have today. With the effects and consequences of Covid-19 still being learned, protecting ourselves from this deadly virus is more vital than ever. Everyone,...

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Polypropylene; The Stuff n95s are Made From

Cloth masks are made from tightly woven strands of fabric, layered over one another for added protection. This allows the mask to be reusable and makes for a very durable purchase. However,...

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