For Next Time; CDC Rules on Medical Gloves


Changes are being made to rules all the time. How we work and live is different from our parents and their parents and their parents. We have to learn and adapt if we want to continue living our best lives. As we learn more and more about Covid-19 and its existing and possible variants and differing strains, a question keeps rising up. What will happen next time? And there will be a next time, there is no doubt about that. Regardless of the source or permutation of the disease, another episode like the pandemic of Covid-19 cases will arise in the future, and for right now, we don’t have a solid, global plan for such an event. Whether it will be a bacterial infection or an easily spread virus isn’t the point, disease is becoming more and more of an issue because of the resilience of modern diseases. So what is the current plan for our government on the matters of diseases, Personal Protective Equipment, and other methods of stopping this phenomena before they overrun our restrictions, resolutions, and rules and another epidemic like coronavirus occurs. What should we do then is the big question.

For one thing, next time there is a pandemic, we are going to have to be better about our supplies of PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment. These are the items that allow medical and emergency personnel to work at maximum efficiency and safety, preventing them from catching diseases. It’s important then, to learn what the local and federal government intends to do so that when the next crisis arrives, the effects will be more easily managed. And medical grade latex gloves are one of the most important parts of the protective process. While these rules and guidelines mostly have to be observed by state officials and medical professionals, that doesn’t mean that you have to be ignorant of the plan that our government has come up with. One of the biggest concerns for the next pandemic is Surge Capacity, the ability of the system to handle a sudden and difficult rise in patient numbers.

During conventional times, the amount of gloves on hand will be fairly large, enough for every hospital and emergency or medical area that needs them. During those times, stockpiling gloves will be vital, as well as keeping a clear understanding of where the stockpile is, in regards to the expiration date and possible resource distribution ability. Mainly, that means making sure that unlike with masks during the beginning and middle of the coronavirus pandemic, medical gloves are all well maintained and that the gloves will actually work, and not have expired. The other big problem will be that regardless of how well you prepare and stockpile, a limited supply is limited no matter how large, so clear lines of manufacture and trade will be needed to ensure that when the masks that are stockpiled to run out, their are companies in place to manufacture and distribute more easily. With clear rules and regulations, support of people and government in place, and a better understanding of the danger of not having American-made gloves ready for use, we can easily see the supply of latex gloves be ready to deal with conventional, contingency, or crisis points easily.

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