Franciscan Children’s Hospital


The coronavirus outbreak has forced thousands of medical providers to respond to unprecedented needs in their communities, even as their resources for doing so have been severely restricted. The pandemic has had a particularly profound effect on hospitals and clinics that take care of the most vulnerable patients, especially children. Shortages of personal protective equipment have put additional pressure on hospitals focusing on pediatric care.

Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood is renowned for their devoted attention to children with special needs in health care. They’ve continued to provide their patients with the procedures and help they require even as shortages of masks and other PPE has placed extraordinary constraints on daily operations. Franciscan Children’s Hospital, like so many similar institutions, continues to endure through the COVID-19 crisis by taking increased steps to protect their staff and children from the transmission of the coronavirus.

DocPPE is reaching out to the medical institutions that are facing PPE shortages, hoping to provide them with the equipment and solutions they need to press on safely with the vital work they’re doing. To that end, we’ve donated 250 masks to Franciscan Children’s Hospital. We hope that their staff of doctors, clinicians, nurses, and medical professionals will find it a little easier to carry out their responsibilities while protecting against the spread of COVID-19.

We’re continuing in our efforts to ease the burden of valuable institutions like Franciscan Children’s Hospital, their employees, and the children in their care. For every 50 masks purchased through DocPPE, we’ll donate 10 additional masks to organizations that are providing health care and services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope this action can make some contribution to the ongoing safety of those fighting at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and help them continue preserving the lives under their care.

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