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The coronavirus pandemic has placed significant burdens on healthcare organizations. Hospitals, clinics, emergency services, and other medical nonprofits have encountered great shortages of the personal protective equipment necessary to care for patients and curb the spread of COVID-19. This shortfall has affected these institutions’ employees and the patients they serve, placing all at increased risk of contracting the virus.

Lifespan Hospital Systems’ five Rhode Island medical centers began fighting the coronavirus pandemic before its massive outbreak in the United States. Its system wide COVID-19 task force has been in constant operation since January, and their hospitals have treated as many as 250 patients with symptoms of the virus at one time. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff in the Lifespan network have devoted their resources and care with consistent concern and quality, even with the challenge of maintaining their inventory of vital PPE supplies.

DocPPE is committed to the ongoing mission of organizations like Lifespan. We’ve taken steps to make sure their professionals have the equipment support they need to continue their lifesaving work.

We’ve donated 250 masks to Lifespan hospitals. These masks are the first, and often most crucial, line of defense against spreading the COVID-19 virus. They’re particularly important for the doctors and nurses who have been at the front line of the pandemic, who carry an advanced risk of exposure to the virus simply by taking care of those who have contracted the coronavirus. DocPPE hopes this donation will help Lifespan continue to provide excellent care with additional safety and precaution during this historically tough crisis.

DocPPE continues to work toward ensuring that organizations like Lifespan Hospital Systems get the personal protective equipment they need—and you can help. For every 50 masks purchased from DocPPE, we’ll donate 10 masks to a nonprofit working to care for COVID-19 patients and their families.

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