Massachusetts General Hospital


Medical centers are often measured by their responses in times of great crisis. For many hospitals, clinics, and medical research institutions, the COVID-19 pandemic represents the greatest challenge they’ve faced in generations. Their responsibility for providing care for thousands of patients has been compounded during the coronavirus outbreak—by both the increased number of those they care for and the shortage of personal protection equipment to prevent transmission of the virus.

Massachusetts General Hospital has been working to maintain its excellent standard of health care while contending with constraints placed upon them by COVID-19. Urban centers like Boston have experienced the coronavirus to especially difficult extents, and the hospitals serving these cities face the increased risk of mass exposure to the virus. Mass General has played multiple roles during the pandemic, providing exceptional care for new patients, and providing guidance for other institutions during the outbreak.

For hospitals like Mass General, personal protection is of the utmost importance. The PPE shortage threatens that very basic component of quality health care—a commitment to safety and protection that’s vital every day, and even more important during times like now.

DocPPE is making efforts to give more protection to doctors and patients of the nation’s busiest hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve donated 250 masks to Massachusetts General Hospital so they can continue to give dedicated care to their patients while doing all they can to prevent further transmission of the coronavirus. It’s our hope that this donation will help Mass Gen continue their work in the face of this extraordinary struggle.

DocPPE is helping hospitals like Mass General keep functional and safe in the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. For every 50 masks purchased from DocPPE, we’ll donate 10 masks to a medical institution or nonprofit organization that’s helping to fight the disease.

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