New n95 Mask Supplier; DocPPE


Since the beginning of this crisis, America, its people and government have been unprepared t, as supplies of vital equipment dwindled and the lack of a unified governmental message caused more and more harm. As more and more people got sick with Covid-19, people began to innovate, creating their own homemade masks to protect themselves and others, and teaching people how to create them. Give anyone enough time, and people will find a way to work around or through a problem adequately enough. Masks made from scraps of cloth and t-shirts work well enough in a pinch, and those that made designs for them deserve praise, but they don’t give the same protection that a federally tested and regulated mask gives. A new Boston based company, DocPPE, has emerged to develop proper protective equipment like face masks, hand sanitizer, and face shields for use by the general public, healthcare workers, and business owners.

As a new leading provider, DocPPe is proud to announce that it will soon be manufacturing, distributing, and selling 95 masks. Masks with the n95 label , also known as 95 respirators, are a respiratory protective mask designed for a very close facial fit and high efficiency airborne particulate matter filtration. The certified high standards of DocPPE will ensure a safe and reliable American made product for your protective needs. . Once production has reached capacity, business owners, healthcare providers and private citizens will be able to purchase 95 respirators in bulks of 10 to 1,000. These respiratory masks will be available to purchase as soon as (DATE), and are capable of being shipped nationwide at the USPS flat rate.

Whether you are an individual looking to buy 10 masks for a week or two of use, or 10,000 to use as a healthcare provider or hospital, DocPPE is prepared to supply you. These masks are designed as one use only and are made from SMS polypropylene fabric. At $1.99 a piece, this price beats most in the market today, especially for their high quality. DocPPE doesn’t only make face masks, they also supply hand sanitizer that follows FDA regulations, is designed to be food code compliant, and is formulated for high frequency use. Up to 100 bottles can be bought in bulk, in either 4 or 8 ounce bottles. DocPPE also sells face shields which completely cover the face from germ spray and are light and comfortable enough to be used anywhere. Face shields can be branded with a company logo or personal motif, and can be bought in minimum quantities of to1,000 pieces.

DocPPE is owned and founded by David Krbec, and all its products and components are manufactured in the USA. Check out our website to learn more about what you can do to help your community. . Every little bit that we can do for our neighbors helps, and as we work together towards a safer future.

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