Ronald McDonald House Charities


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every segment of daily life, but especially those organizations dedicated to helping those in need. Shortages of personal protective equipment have made an already tough job for these institutions even harder. Without the necessary support of items and materials that help to restrict the spread of the coronavirus, many of these organizations have had to make difficult choices to balance safety concerns with the compassionate services they provide.

Ronald McDonald House Charities have helped thousands of hospitalized children and their families over nearly half a century. Their volunteers have provided accommodations for children suffering from grave medical crises, offering a home away from home for families traveling great distances to get their children the specialized care they need.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ronald McDonald House Charities have faced the additional burden of protecting their guests from contracting the virus. They’ve also worked to provide spaces for healthcare workers who are working at the epicenters of the outbreak. The PPE shortage has impacted their range of services but hasn’t stopped their commitment to the families they serve.

In recognition of their need, DocPPE has donated 500 masks to Ronald McDonald House Charities. These masks will help their volunteers and staff continue their mission, with additional protection for both their health and the safety of their guests. We’re happy to make this contribution to an organization that has made such a valuable impact on thousands of children and parents over the years.

DocPPE continues to help organizations like Ronald McDonald House Charities battle the COVID-19 pandemic. For every 50 masks purchased from DocPPE, we’ll donate 10 masks to nonprofit and health organizations that are persevering with their care during the pandemic. We hope this effort will allow entities like Ronald McDonald House Charities and their volunteers to keep providing their unique, compassionate, and crucial care.

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