South Shore Health


Healthcare institutions have struggled but persisted in the most chaotic moments of the COVID-19 crisis. Doctors and clinicians continue to contend with an influx of new coronavirus cases and have sought ways to restrict the transmission of COVID-19 among staff and patients. This challenge is made much more difficult by the shortage of personal protective equipment, items that provide a baseline of safety against spreading the virus.

As the largest independent health network in Southeastern Massachusetts, South Shore Health is diligently working on the front line of the coronavirus. While taking care of COVID-19 patients, South Shore Health has kept going through the series of tests that every medical institution has faced in the last few months. Keeping the safety of their patients uppermost in mind, South Sound Health has set up drive-thru testing and virtual visits to maintain their high level of care during the pandemic.

Nonprofit medical organizations like South Shore Health have been disproportionately affected by the PPE shortage, but have found ways to continue their service while preserving the safety of their staff and patients. DocPPE recognizes their heroic, everyday efforts, and wants to give them the support they need.

We’ve donated 1,250 masks to the South Shore Health network for additional help during the coronavirus pandemic. This donation will help their doctors, nurses, and personnel continue the necessary treatment they give while taking impactful steps to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 among themselves and their patients.

DocPPE is striving to make our customers’ jobs just a little more manageable during the COVID-19 crisis, and we’re hoping our customers can help. For every 50 masks purchased through DocPPE, we’ll donate 10 additional masks free of charge to the medical institutions who fighting the coronavirus pandemic. As workers at organizations like South Shore Health are working overtime to relieve others, we hope this provides some sense of relief for them.

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