The Count is Down, Massachusetts on the Right Path


These last few months have seen the number of cases across the country fall as the number of people vaccinated against Covid-19 and it’s variants rises. People have taken it upon themselves to get the doses, wait in line, and wear their masks and for the most part, it has seriously paid off. There are less and less Covid-19 cases everyday, and more and more people are able to go to malls, movie theaters, restaurants, bars and more with impunity because they no longer have to feel afraid. As of June 28th, there have been less than twelve thousand new cases of Covid-19 across the entire country, and over the world, there have been less than five hundred thousand cases. These numbers may seem large, but compared to where we were even just a few months ago, much less half a year, these are outstanding. Those of us who live in Massachusetts have just as much, if not more reason to be proud, considering that we also have great numbers for Covid-19.

On June 29th, 2021 we had less than one hundred new cases. In fact, we had less than fifty new cases of Covid-19. This is absolutely great, and judging from the trending downward slope of cases, this is no mere coincidence or chance happening, but a new direction for coronavirus cases that seems likely to continue this path. Not only are the number of coronavirus cases down in Massachusetts, but the number of vaccinated people has continued to rise at a fairly steady pace. Of course, not as many people are getting vaccinated each day, but the fact that the numbers are still rising with new doses and newly vaccinated people is a great sign for the future.

What does the future hold? Well, if there is anything you can say about it, it is that the future is very hopeful. While Massachusetts is proving to be a great spot for the news about coronavirus cases, many other states and counties in the country are doing well too, having fewer cases and a steady amount of vaccinations each day. The number of people hospitalized for Covid-19 is dropping as well, which means that the most serious cases are starting to fall as well. All of this is great news, and while there is reason to celebrate, there is also reason to remain vigilant and keep an eye on the news coming from the CDC and WHO. New variants of coronavirus are appearing in areas of low vaccination and high case rates, which can be disruptive and even deadly to the return to normalcy. Variants do not act like the original, and in some cases, may be able to ignore immunity caused by the vaccine, or even be deadlier than the original virus. So while it is important to feel that celebration and exhilaration, please remember to watch out for the Delta variant and it’s counterparts in the news and in your area, because that might mean a return to the policies of masks and social distancing.

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