Turning the Corner on Covid-19

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The last few months have seen major developments in terms of how we are reacting and acting towards the virus, Covid-19. Several major companies have developed their own vaccines, and manufacturing and distribution are well under way. Many of us here in the United States have already gotten at least one dose of a vaccine, and are preparing for another. President Joe Biden wants us to have at least one vaccine dose in at least seventy percent of the population by the beginning of July. Considering where we are right now, this is a lofty goal, though maybe not an impossible one. It is quite possible that by the fourth of July, we will be at a level of herd immunity that we can begin to relax mask mandates and prepare to return to a somewhat normal lifestyle. If that is true, our Independence Day celebrations will look a lot more like they did in 2019 rather than how they looked in 2020.

While we may all hope and prepare, doing our parts to make sure that we can take off our masks around strangers, coworkers, and family alike this coming holiday, there is still a need to be vigilant. There is a great chance that this summer we will be less isolated than the one before, but if we don’t make sure that we keep safe in the meantime, all this effort could go to waste as a new variant of Covid-19, one that is resistant to the vaccine, could infect the populace at large. That doesn’t mean that things aren’t getting better, just that we have to be careful. Take things step by step.

There are also reasons to be worried, while the number of cases has been dropping since the end of winter, the number of vaccinations per day has also been dropping off during the month, and many are worried that the people who are willing to get the vaccination as soon as possible are running out, leaving those that either have concerns about the authenticity and safety of these particular vaccinations, or they are anti-vaccination, which means that all vaccinations, and many facets of modern medicine are suspect to them, who have yet to receive a dose. Hopefully this is not the case, and we will continue to see people reach out and take their chance, as there has been a lot of support, not just from the White House, but from multiple other trusted sources, like Dr. Fauci.

If we can reach at least one dose in seventy percent of Americans before July Fourth, we can see a return to life as normal. You can help, not just by taking the vaccine yourself, but by speaking out and talking to people who might have trepidations about taking the vaccine themselves. Refer them to a trusted physician or nurse, or help them sort out the real truthful news from the sources of false and dishonest statements that are in the media. You don’t have to hold their hand, just show people that trust you that you trust the vaccination. This will go a long way to creating a safer environment that, but until then just remember to Mask Up!

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