Where PPE is Needed Most


Personal Protective Equipment is vital for everyone to have today. With the effects and consequences of Covid-19 still being learned, protecting ourselves from this deadly virus is more vital than ever. Everyone, from student to CEO should have at least a few masks to keep them safe and should wash their hands regularly to prevent the spread of the virus through skin contact. Everyone must understand that, it is also important to remember to social distance, keeping at least 6 feet apart from others. If we all try to prevent the spread of the disease from person to person, then that will help prevent the hospitals and emergency centers from being overwhelmed. Frontline workers more than anyone, are in the greatest need for PPE, not just masks and hand sanitizer, but also gloves, gowns, sheets, and other articles that will stop hospitals from becoming Coronavirus hotspots.

Hospitals were in danger of being overwhelmed when this pandemic began, as the virus spread rapidly resulting in more people becoming acutely ill with Covid-19, filling up beds and using precious resources. Brave men and women worked, and still work, tirelessly to prevent as many deaths as possible. Even as the virus slowed down during the summer months, due to our undertaking of the protocols of the CDC and other health organizations. That may soon change though, as we head past fall in winter, where tight spaces, cold weather, and lack of mobility may very well cause a spike much like the one seen in spring. When this happens, hospitals will need all the PPE supplies that they can get. Hospital beds will soon start filling up again, and patients will need those precious resources to help them stay alive.

Hospitals will not be the only group that will need a supply of PPE in the coming days and months. Emergency service members will always need at least some interaction with other people, lest they be unable to perform their duties. EMT, Firefighters, and Police will all need a good supply at hand, one that will need to be regularly replenished. Just as well, government workers keep our country running as smoothly as possible, with poll workers and bureaucrats each doing their own part to make sure everything is operating fluidly. These people need PPE to be able to complete their role and responsibilities in our government and get everyone through this crisis as safely as possible.

What can we do to help them in this crisis? There are a lot of ways to make sure that we can all do our part. The first way, and the best, is to follow the instructions of the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and other health organizations that are working tirelessly to keep us up to date on the best ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Right now, that means wearing a mask and social distancing from one another. But there are also other ways of helping. Don’t lose hope, find ways to brighten your own day, and the days of those around you. Keep morale up and it will be easier for everyone to fight off this disease, together. Many American companies have opened up to make PPE, like DocPPE, and they are looking for ways to donate their products to hospitals and organizations in need right here in our country. Those of us who can, should give a little so that others can get the protection they need. What we need now more than anything else, is teamwork, perseverance and bravery, to keep fighting this disease with innovative ideas rather than ignoring it.

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